German for Doctors

This part-time Preparatory Course for the Fachsprachenprüfung – Medizin is for all foreign doctors, who are applying for a license to practice medicine in Germany and so need to pass the the Fachsprachenprüfung.  Precondition for the participation in this course is an official C1 language certificate or the participation in our C1 intensive course.


The Fachsprachenprüfung tests practice-oriented language skills, oral as well as written (no specialist knowledge) at level C1. It consists of 3 parts (20 minutes each):

1.) Doctor-patient consultation
You conduct a medical history interview with a patient, as is commonly done during treatment. The role of the patient is assumed by an examiner. He or she will give you information about the condition of his or her health. Explain your suspected diagnosis to the patient and make suggestions regarding further examinations/treatment options. Respond to possible questions from the patient.

2.) Written documentation/Doctor’s report
In the second part, you should document the medical history and further treatment in writing in German using full sentences. You will receive a prepared form. The goal is to fulfill the general documentation requirement as well as to express understandable and complete information to other physicians.

3.) Doctor-doctor communication
In the third part, you present the patient to a medical colleague during a patient handover. You pass on the information obtained in the doctor-patient consultation to a medical member of the examination team. They discuss suspected and differential diagnoses, diagnostic measures

The focus of the course is:

– oral communication (doctor-patient consultation, doctor-doctor communication)
– written communication (doctor’s report)
– conversation structures, example dialogues, applied role plays
– reading and listening comprehension using various media
– specific grammar (subjunctive, nominal style, past tense, passive voice)
– guided self-study, feedback, correction
testing simulations

This course currently takes only place on request and with individual setup.

It regularly runs as a part-time course on 3 afternoons per week, 14:30 – 17:00 h over 8 weeks.

The usual costs are:

Course: 865,00 €
Registration: 30,00 €
Material: 30,00 €

Request for your individual offer.

Applicants from India

If you are a doctor in India wishing to find a job/further education in Germany, and need consultation or help please contact our Representative in India, Dr. Saurabh Agarwal.
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