Einstufungstest für Englisch

Bitte füllen Sie den Einstufungstest Englisch ohne Hilfe von Freunden oder Büchern aus, indem Sie Ihre Lösung mit der Maus markieren. Sie sollten nicht mehr als 90 Minuten Zeit für den Test in Anspruch nehmen. Pro Frage ist nur eine Lösung richtig.

Multiple Choice

  1. Hello Sara, _____ ? I'm very well, thank you.
  2. What's _____ name? Jane Edwards.
  3. How old are you? _____
  4. Is this your book? _____
  5. Where is Anna from? _____ from Rome.
  6. _____ is your address? 12, Sundown Street, Bristol.
  7. _____ name is John Smith.
  8. Sam _____ a doctor, he's a teacher at the university.
  9. Here are Juan and Mercedes. _____ are from Valencia in Spain.
  10. Have you got a computer? Yes, _____
  11. _____ two hundred students in my school.
  12. Do you live in Munich? Yes, _____
  13. Is that _____ car? No, it isn't.
  14. _____ is this blue bag? It's £5.50.
  15. What's her job? She's _____ .
  16. _____ your car? It's in the car park.
  17. _____ bag is this? It's mine.
  18. _____ only three chairs in my room.
  19. She _____ a house in the town centre.
  20. _____ brothers have you got? Only one.
  21. Is there any food left? _____
  22. My favourite painters are Manet and Renoir but John doesn't like _____ at all.
  23. There aren't _____ people here today.
  24. We haven't got _____ .
  25. Do you speak Japanese? No, I _____ .
  26. What does he do? _____
  27. He _____ in an office every morning from eight to twelve.
  28. Do you like _____ ? Yes, I do.
  29. I go _____ school in Vienna.
  30. We have lunch _____ _ one o'clock.
  31. She works _____ _ Saturday.
  32. I stay at home _____ _ the morning.
  33. How do you get to work? _____ _
  34. Do you like classical music? _____
  35. Where is Mary? She _____ over there.
  36. I'm hungry. _____ something to eat, please.
  37. He _____ born in 1963 in Spain.
  38. Switzerland is _____ than Britain.
  39. Motor racing is the _____ sport in the world.
  40. He passed his English exam very _____ .
  41. When _____ you go to the USA? Last year.
  42. Did she stay with friends? _____
  43. She's never _____ to New York.
  44. I haven't got any money. Never mind. _____ some from the bank.
  45. _____ you ever visited London?
  46. He's learning _____ a lorry.
  47. I can't stand _____ in hot weather.
  48. He smokes more than ten cigarettes _____ .
  49. Let's go somewhere else. There's _____ noise in this room.
  50. It's a very long day for Jack. He doesn't get home from school _____ six o'clock.
  51. They usually _____ at home but today they _____ lunch in a restaurant.
  52. We didn't stay late _____ we were very tired.
  53. I think most people _____ English for their jobs in the future.
  54. Teenagers today like wearing casual clothes so leather shoes aren't _____ trainers.
  55. A friend of _____ phoned this morning but _____ didn't leave a message.
  56. We _____ lunch when the phone _____.
  57. You _____ open the door before the train gets into the station. It's very dangerous.
  58. If you don't want to burn youself you _____ lie in the sun all day.
  59. If I have enough money next year, I _____ to the USA.
  60. It's usually quite warm in September _____ it often rains, _____ bring a waterproof.
  61. _____ she likes coffee, she prefers tea.
  62. _____ for the bus, a man with a gun ran out of the bank opposite us.
  63. It's the best film _____ . You should go and see it.
  64. They went to Australia _____ a month _____ summer.
  65. I don't think life _____ better in the future.
  66. I haven't heard from Jane for ages. I wonder _____.
  67. We're not paying a builder to mend the fireplace. We've decided to do it _____.
  68. I always take an umbrella _____ it rains.
  69. We _____ go out to a restaurant during the week because when we get home from work we're too tired.
  70. That sofa _____ comfortable. Can I try it?
  71. I _____ be late for work this morning. I've got a lot to do before midday.
  72. They've lived in that house _____ they were children.
  73. A lot _____ to the house before we can move in.
  74. I'll get an electrician _____ the heating.
  75. You _____ come with us if you don't want to.
  76. When he arrived a crowd _____ for several hours to greet him.
  77. She's just bought a brand new car so she _____ be able to drive.
  78. You _____ show your passport at the frontier if you want to get across.
  79. _____ she was an hour late, she didn't apologise.
  80. They don't like him at all. He treats them _____ they were children.


  1. six seven _____ nine ten
  2. What's your _____? I'm American.
  3. What _____ is it? It's half past two.
  4. Sunday Monday _____ Wednesday
  5. March _____ May June July
  6. He's got a _____ and two sisters.
  7. My favourite _____ is dinner.
  8. We've got two _____: a son and a daughter.
  9. I'd like a _____ of coffee, please.
  10. He's _____ the newspaper.
  11. September is my favourite _____.
  12. How old is your _____? She's thirteen.
  13. I always have a big _____ in the morning.
  14. Those are very nice _____. Where did you buy them?
  15. What does he look like? He's quite tall and he's got short, dark _____.
  16. Where can I buy some envelopes? At the _____.
  17. What was the _____ like in Vienna? It was cold and cloudy.
  18. I've got a new dishwasher and a fridge in my _____.
  19. It's very _____ in here. I can't hear anything.
  20. Excuse me, waiter. Can you bring me the _____, please?
  21. She's _____ a blue coat and a grey scarf.
  22. I'm too _____ today. I'll phone you back tomorrow.
  23. Take your umbrella. It's raining _____.
  24. He's started a new job. It's more interesting and he _____ more money.
  25. I'm sorry but I don't understand what you _____. Can you explain it again, please.
  26. If you don't leave now you'll _____ the bus and there isn't another one today.
  27. Can I _____ your dictionary, please. Yes, of course. But I'd like it back for the weekend.
  28. He lets his wife do everything for him. He's very _____.
  29. I'm _____ living at home but my girlfriend and I are getting married next month so we've bought a flat.
  30. Don't _____! It's not funny.
  31. I'm afraid we have had to _____ the flight because of bad weather conditions.
  32. There was a terrible _____ on the A2 motorway this morning. Five vehicles were involved.
  33. The religious wedding _____ takes place in a church.
  34. I wish they wouldn't _____ so much time with unnecessary meetings.
  35. I was very _____ and depressed when I first went to live abroad.
  36. I'm really _____ to the party. All my old friends will be there.
  37. The hotel was so awful that we wrote a letter of _____ to the agency when we got back home.
  38. You can't _____ on him at all. He never does what he says.
  39. It's much too expensive. We can't possibly _____ it.
  40. I think he's a really good live performer, and his songs are excellent. _____ you can't hear the words because the music is too loud.


Bitte wählen Sie eine der beiden folgenden Schreibaufgaben.

Einstufungstest deutsch

Bitte schreiben Sie ca. 10 Sätze zu dem Bild – wenn möglich, schreiben Sie in der Vergangenheitsform und stellen Sie Vermutungen (im Konjunktiv II) an.

Was ist (könnte) gestern Abend passiert (sein)?/What has (could have) happen yesterday evening?


Can you describe in a few sentences your everyday work?

Persönliche Angaben

Bitte geben Sie hier Ihre persönlichen Daten ein. Diese werden nur für interne Zwecke und zur Testauswertung verwendet. Die Auswertung des Multiple Choice Teils wird nach dem Klick auf "Test auswerten" eingeblendet. Die endgültige Auswertung und Kursempfehlung erhalten Sie in Kürze von unserem Büro.

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