Conditions of participation

1. Testing fees
1.1 Following registration, the participant will be billed for the testing fees.
1.2 If the student registers late, all fees will be billed to the student.
1.3 All fees associated with course registration such as bank fees will be paid by the course participant.
2. Reservation deposit
2.1 The student makes a deposit of €100.00 when registering for a test. Participation in the test is confirmed when the deposit is paid.
2.2 If participation in a course or test is cancelled, the deposit will not be returned.
3. Cancellation
3.1 Every cancellation must be in writing or in person with the management of Kästner Kolleg.
3.2 A €100.00 cancellation fee will be billed if the participant cancels participation in a test.
4. Disqualification
4.1. Any fraudulent behavior disqualifies a participant from taking part in a test.
5. telc exams
5.1 The tests are carried out by the regulations for the conduct of an examination and general standard terms and conditions of telc GmbH.
6. Test results
6.1 The evaluation of the telc exam takes about 4 weeks.
6.2 The evaluation of the kk level test takes max. 2 days.