Language school

The language school, Kästner Kolleg e.V., was founded in 1998, and is one of the leading (not only) German language schools in Dresden today. Our German institute is a non-profit association in which all members participate democratically in the decision-making processes. We are not looking to make a profit. Rather, all funds generated flow directly into the realization of our association’s goal: “Integration and international understanding through language and cultural mediation.”

Your Language Family

 Kästner Kolleg would like to be a family away from your family. With the help of our accompanying cultural and excursion program, with the arrangement of language partnerships or accommodation with locals, we bring you very close to the city, its people and its culture. Everyone in our school knows everyone and we help each other. This often results in friendships that extend well beyond the time of the language course. Our lesson times are also compatible with the private family life of our course participants and employees. In the summer or before Christmas, a small party is sometimes a colorful family celebration with three generations …


Our language school is located in the center of the vital and cosmopolitan “Dresden Neustadt” district – right next to Alaunpark, an oasis of relaxation in the middle of big city life. Here you can discover lots of fine galleries, famous cinemas & theaters, mysterious shops, and colorful facades and even backyards. You can enjoy international cuisine and extensively “revel” in the approximately 350 bars in the area.



Dresden has a lot of culture to offer: the world famous city landmarks such as the baroque Zwinger with its famous art galleries, the Church of our Lady (“Frauenkirche”), Meissen and its porcelain, palaces and castles, national parks, mountain ranges and forests in the surrounding areas offer opportunities for many leisure activities. And Dresden loves its parties! It organizes festivals, balls, parties, concerts and other events all year round.

More about Culture in Dresden

Quality Promise

Everyone who visits our school can be sure to expect the highest quality of teaching and a very friendly atmosphere with personal attention. Compliance with our quality standards is regularly monitored and – not least – backed up by our quality management. If there is a problem, our arbitration board will certainly find a fair solution.


Kästner & Kästner

First off: Although there is no family relationship between the famous Dresden author, Erich Kästner, and our director, Uwe Kästner, there is – in addition to the fact that like Erich Kästner, we “grew up” in the Neustadt – a spiritual relationship.  We even act according to the maxim: “Nothing good happens unless you do it.” . . . In our opinion, learning languages fits this Kästner quote.)

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Social Commitment

We pursue the principle of equality. We do not judge people by gender, background, age, disability, religion or sexual orientation. In addition, we ensure fair pay for our employees according to the principle: “equal pay for equal work”. We use the values of humanity, respect and dignity in our dealings with our employees, course participants and partners.

Ecological Commitment

We pay attention to the use of sustainable work equipment and prefer to use recycled materials and fair trade products. Kästner Kolleg is the initiator of the “Low Plastic Location” campaign (LoPlaLo).  That means a plastic-free learning and working environment. Help counteract the plastic madness.

Cultural Commitment

Language is always culture and culture is always a language as well. At Kästner Kolleg we not only experience culture together, but also create culture – in culinary, poetic and musical events, summer festivals, Christmas celebrations or through exhibitions in our international gallery: >>KaKoGa<<

Excellence in Quality

... because the quality of KK is known far beyond Dresden. Our participants on have awarded us the "Excellence Award" 10 times in a row.