English, Spanish and other languages

At Kästner Kolleg you don’t expect ordinary language courses in Dresden, but the special kind. You can learn English, Spanish and other languages with us from the very beginning or brush up on faded language skills, such as from the school days. You can improve your business skills or refine the art of small talk and the ability to enjoy relaxing conversation. Como ves: Hay algo para todos ;)!


English 4 Beginners & Refresher

Are you looking for a general English course in Dresden, with which you (again) can learn English systematically from the beginning? Then your English courses in Dresden, “Step I” (A1) and “Refresher” (A2) are just right. In small study groups with an average of 5 other participants, you will learn to read, listen, write, use grammar and correct pronunciation equally: practial, entertaining and fun. The focus is always on speaking.


English conversation courses

Yes, it sounds simple: “Language comes from speaking”. Our English conversation courses in Dresden “Tea Time” und “English Tonight” incorporate this idea exactly. They are suitable for all those who have already acquired very good fundamentals (from A2) and now want to use them in casual conversation, fun and games or even in serious discussion, reinforcing and expanding speaking skills. This course takes place once a week in the evening for 90 minutes, usually from 18-19:30.


The English week at KK

"Tea Time"
6 – 7:30 pm
"Tea Time II"
6 – 7:30 pm
"English Tonight"
6 – 7:30 pm
Business English
"Breakfast at Kästner’s"
7:45 – 9:15 am

English In-house Training

We offer your employees (Business) English courses both in our school and in your company in Dresden and the surrounding area. We provide the in-house training with our partner “Sprachendienste Dr. Kästner” (SDDK). Our services include: further education consultation, offers according to funding guidelines, training concepts alongside the language requirements and the work situation, evaluations, tests, certificates, and if necessary, official examinations.

Teaching methods

Our native speaking instructors teach English directly and according to the COMMUNICATIVE APPROACH.
Do not worry: they have a lot of patience and experience with learners who do not have that much learning experience. Repetitions and direct speech application keep up your successful learning.

Teaching material

Above all, we use textbooks that always activate the learners. For example, by immediately applying the new subject matter in dialogues and partner work. It is not so much “hammering in” the grammar but paying attention to the corresponding input. In addition there are self-made exercise sheets as well as real material from the internet and daily press and even language games, music, quizzes and so on.


... because the whole world meets in a classroom here. Interculturality is part of our beautiful everyday life, yes it is our lifeblood.

Other languages at Kästner's

Apart from English & Spanish & year round German courses KK also offers language courses in other foreign languages like: Arabic, Chinese, French, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian and Czech. As we don’t have many requests for those languages we mostly offer courses as private lessons or in small groups.

Spanish 4 Beginners "PASO I + II"

With our Spanish courses “Paso I and II” you get started with the Spanish language. Age and often-cited “language talent” are secondary, because fun learning and motivation is what counts here. With many useful phrases you will quickly be able to “survive” using the language. You learn to “understand and make yourself understood” in the most important situations of everyday life and thus reduce language barriers. This course takes place once a week in the evening for 90 minutes, usually from 18-19:30h



In speaking-intensive small groups we practice the “art of paraphrasing” and appropriate reactions in conversations, focusing on spontaneous, correct and fluent speech. Your native speaker will moderate the conversation and will be available as a learning partner at any time. Depending on need and desire, he or she also has appropriate grammar or vocabulary exercises ready.
This course takes place once a week in the evening for 90 minutes, usually from 18-19:30h