Conditions of Enrollment – German Courses

(to the conditions of enrollment for foreign language courses and for German exams)

1. General Requirements

1.1. Course participants must be at least 18 years of age. Exceptions are participants from 14 years with a parent’s agreement, or students coming as a group led by a liable adult or the participation in a Live Video Course.

2. Payment

2.1 Participants who wish to reserve their course must pay a reservation deposit of 250 € (50 € for evening courses) in advance.

2.2 If an official document is needed to apply for a visa, the advance payment is 900 €.  The remaining course fees are to be paid at the start of the course.

2.3 If the course fee for evening courses has not been paid by the 2nd course date at the latest, KÄSTNER KOLLEG reserves the right to exclude the participant from the course.

3. Course Fees

3.1 The course fees and conditions listed in the price list at the time of registration are contractually binding.

3.2 If the participant changes the booking, a fee of 50 € will be charged.

3.3 All fees incurred when booking the course (e.g. bank charges) are to be paid by the participant.

4. Cancellation

4.1. All cancellations must be made in person or in writing to the Kästner Kolleg management.

4.2. Intensive course: If a participant cancels the course within 48 hours prior to the course start, Kästner Kolleg will charge the respective reservation fee of 250 € or 900 € (50 € for evening courses) as a cancellation fee.

4.3. If the participant changes the language school after entering Germany for an important reason and can prove this (confirmation of enrollment by the language school) Kästner Kolleg will refund the fee paid (except 250€ administration fee).

4.4. If the participant cancels a course due to visa refusal and can prove this, Kästner Kolleg will refund the fees paid (except 250 € administration fee).

4.5. If the participant cancels a course after the booked course start date, Kästner Kolleg will charge the course, service and accommodation fees already paid, but not more than one month’s rent, as a cancellation fee.

4.6. Evening Course: Cancellation must be made immediately after the first course session (= trial lesson). If the participant cancels on or after the 2nd course date or not at all, Kästner Kolleg charges the full course fee for one module. Course fees already paid will not be refunded.

4.7. Private lessons: For private lessons, Kästner Kolleg and the student sign a separate contract.

4.8. In case of serious illness (medical certificate required) and unforeseen catastrophes (e.g. pandemics), the refund can be made in the form of a credit note (=free rebooking) for a later course. Any accommodation fees paid up to the amount of one month’s rent as well as service fees will not be refunded.

4.9. In case of a delay/refusal of the visa, the rebooking of the course is possible as described in 3.2. However, there is no guarantee of a free course place for the newly selected course period. A refund of the fees will be made within the framework of 4.2.

5. Accommodation

5.1. The contractual relationship for lodging “Residence accommodation” is between Kästner Kolleg and the student.

For the other accommodation types Kästner Kolleg only pre-negotiates the prices with the homeowner in interest of the student.

5.2. Students are responsible for cleaning his/her room and any damage caused. He/She must fully compensate the renter.

5.3. The homeowner can ask the student for a deposit, e.g. for
the keys, damage or cleaning.

6. Participant obligations

6.1. It is the obligation of the course participants to ensure that their stay in Germany is legal.

6.2. The course participant is solely responsible for their own health, accident, liability, and personal property insurance. Kästner Kolleg assumes liability only for accidents in its classrooms.

7. Discipline

7.1. Disciplinary procedures will be applied in the event that the following rules are broken: malicious damage to school property, disruptive behaviour in class or breaking German law. In this case Kästner Kolleg will not provide any refunds.

8 Participation in online courses (live video courses)

8.1 When participating in the online course, audio/video recordings may not be made, copied or passed on to third parties without the explicit permission of Kästner Kolleg e.V.. All audio and video sequences used by KK as well as all teaching materials used are the property of Kästner Kolleg e.V. or its partners and are subject to copyright protection.

9. Implementation

9.1 KÄSTNER KOLLEG determines a minimum and a maximum number of participants for each course. If the number of participants is insufficient, KÄSTNER KOLLEG is entitled not to conduct the course.

Intensive courses: If there are only three or four registered participants, the course will take place over 4 lessons per day. If there are only two registered participants, the course will take place over 3 lessons per day.

Evening courses: If there are fewer than five registered participants, the course will be held for 2 lessons per evening.

9.2 In cases of force majeure such as flu epidemics, strikes, etc., for which Kästner Kolleg e.V. is not responsible, Kästner Kolleg e.V. reserves the right for a limited period of time:
a) to hold individual course days exclusively online
b) to combine courses or
c) to cancel course days.
Cancelled course days will be compensated with corresponding credit or, in the case of evening courses, will be made up.


Date of issue: 01.04.2023