telc, TestDaF and level test

Official TestDaF + TELC testing center

Kästner Kolleg is an accredited test center for the most important German examinations:  TELC B1, B2, C1, C1 HS and TestDaF.  With this you can prepare yourself professionally for the telc examinations AND PASS THE EXAM right here at Kästner Kolleg. We are proud of our long-standing above-average pass rate of our participants.

At Kästner Kolleg you can prepare/examine you for the internationally recognized, most populare TELC exams like: telc B1, telc B2, telc C1 and telc C1 Hochschule. For all mentioned we prepare you optimally within our Intensive and Evening Courses.

For the telc C1 Hochschule  we can prepare you in our special telc C1 HS module = 4 weeks intensively, Monday to Friday 09:30 am – 2 pm, face 2 face or via Live Video (hybrid) – access requirement: B2 level. You are not sure what level you have? Take our placement test.

Info telc examinations:

  • at least six dates per year
  • The exam currently costs: 170 EUR.
  • Registration & payment for the examination at least 14 days in advance.
  • You have to wait about 4 – 6 weeks for the result.
  • evaluation mode: 60% in both the written and the oral examination

Consultation and registration in our office.

Kästner Kolleg is an accredited TestDaF Test Center. This will allow you to prepare for the TestDaF at our school and pass the exam.

The TestDaF preparation consists of two parts:
Part I: General German course, e.g. our Intensive Course up to C1* (recommended).
Part II:  TestDaF Preparation Course

If you book the "TestDaF Preparation" course, you automatically reserve a spot for the next TestDaF exam at Kästner Kolleg.

*B2 = TDN 3; C1 = TDN 4 / 16 Points

In order to participate in the TestDaF preparation course, you must prove your language skills on C1 level. You can do this either with a certificate (Goethe,  …) or by taking our C1 course (recommended).

Info TestDaF:

  • There are several exam dates per year (calendar)
  • The exam currently costs: 215 EUR.
  • Registration for the examination at least 6 weeks in advance via the TestDaF preparation course (calendar)
  • You have to wait about 6 weeks for the result.

Which is easier: "TestDaF", "DSH" or "telc C1 Hochschule"?

This question is asked again and again. Well – we recommend, at best, both DSH and telc, as well as the TestDaF, because if you fail one or two exams you would still have options – and would save you valuable time and money, of course.

You want to know the difference between the two tests? Have a look at our comparison, created by our experienced examiners.

TestDaF (paper based) versus telc C1 Hochschule

TestDaF (digtal) versus telc C1 Hochschule

With our level test we can determine and confirm your current language level. It is similar in content, tasks and rating to the telc exam with four written parts: Reading comprehension, Listening comprehension, grammar, speaking skills as well as a conversation part.

Languages:                German, English
Level:                          A1, A2, B1, B2, C1
Dates:                         any time – even on short notice – by appointment
Results:                      2 days after the test* !
Certificate:                 Kästner Kolleg Certificate recognized by GER
Price:                          145 EUR

*You should reach more than 60 % in written and in oral examination part. 

Excellence in Quality

... because the quality of KK is known far beyond Dresden. Our participants on have awarded us the "Excellence Award" 10 times in a row.