TestDaF Prep course

Official Exam Center

... because at KK you prepare for the TestDaF / Telc exam properly as well as pass the exam in our official examination center.

With our TestDaF preparation course we prepare you optimally for the TestDaF exam. Your TestDaF exam place is automatically reserved for you as one of our TestDaF prep course students. The prerequisite for participation in our TestDaF preparatory course is proof of the C1 level or participation in our C1 course.

The TestDaF is one of three mandatory examinations for admission to a German university. Usually you need the result of “TDN4″*.  Some universities, such as art or music academies, also accept a total score of 16 points or the “TDN3”.

Our TestDaF preparatory course runs over 4 weeks with 25×45 min., Mondays to Fridays from 9:30-14:00. It takes place 6 times a year, immediately before the next TestDaF exam.

*See also at: www.testdaf.de or ask at the university of your choice.

In order to pass “TDN4” as comfortably as possible in four weeks, you should already have a solid C1 level before the course. You can do this with a C1 Intensive Course or with an official C1 Certificate (Goethe Institut, telc, … ). The third possibility is by passing our access test for TestDaF course (see below).


Our TestDaF Preparation course focuses precisely on the specific types of tasks and skills of the TestDaF. We work on the strategies for selective reading comprehension, writing descriptions of charts and graphs, reasoning or discussing essays. In addition, we discuss typical topics in natural sciences or humanities and simulate the oral exam.

Halfway through the course, you will take a practice exam, acquainting yourself with the real exam requirements. This “TestDaF stress test” gives you a feeling for the language level of the typical tasks and for the available time given for the TestDaF.

Based on your test result, the instructor can provide you with valuable tips and additional tasks.

Which is easier: “TestDaF”, “DSH” or “telc C1 Hochschule”?

This question is asked again and again. Well – we recommend, at best, both DSH and telc, as well as the TestDaF exam, because if you fail one or two exams you would still have options – and would save you valuable time and money, of course.

However: Although “telc C1 Hochschule” takes place on more flexible dates and more often than TestDaF, and even though passing the telc exam does not require a retake, our course and exam participants rate the telc exam as “more difficult”. And while this is a subjective assessment and by no means representative, if in doubt, we recommend the TestDaF exam.

TestDaF advantages:

  • higher clarity in the types of tasks = easier to prepare for
  • better acceptance at German universities, also internationally, valid for life
  • recognized equally for work and study
  • Kästner Kolleg has more experience in preparation
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On request, we also take care of your accommodation in Dresden – whether in a Dresden host family, in a colorful residential community or in a private apartment: there is a proper roof over your head for every need and budget.



At Kästner Kolleg you are part of the international language family. In addition to intensive morning learning, we also enjoy the afternoons and weekends. We celebrate together, do sports, experience and participate in cultural experiences together.