Accommodation and transfers

We can take care of your accommodation in Dresden if you wish – either with a friendly host family from Dresden, in a shared apartment (WG) or a private apartment, with transfer or meals – for every need and budget there is a proper “home away from home”.  If you are in Dresden for the first time and still a bit nervous, we´ll pick you up from the airport or train station, and guide you to your accommodation.

This accommodation is the best choice if you want to live individually but not too lonely, not somewhere but within the school complex.

The stay in the "Residence apartment includes:

  • Single room (double room upon request)
  • Private bathroom
  • Shared use of the kitchen with the other apartment
  • Weekly cleaning of the shared space and final cleaning of the individual room
  • Utilities and Wi-Fi included
  • Price: 200 € per week

Please note: You can book the "Residence" apartment with the written consent of parents from the age of 16 years.

In the guesthouse you can relax in a central but natural location and find peace for studying. It is very well connected to public transport, so you can reach the city center in only 30 minutes. The Kästner Kolleg is only about 25 minutes away on foot.

The various common rooms – for example a fitness room, a billiards/darts room or the brain break areas – invite you to socialize.

The stay in the guest house includes:

  • private bathroom
  • WiFi
  • cleaning and laundry service
  • use of the canteen, where fresh meals are prepared regularly (for an extra charge)
  • use of the kitchenettes on the floors
  • price per week = 200 €

You can enjoy typical German hospitality right from the start with a local Dresdner host family. Take part in everyday family life as much as you want (shared meals, leisure activities) and learn lots of good German all the while.

Host families are especially suitable for learners under 18 years old.  Staying with a host family includes:

  • Single room (double room upon request)
  • Shared use of the kitchen and bathroom (with a washing machine), a balcony and/or garden to some extent
  • Breakfast (half board upon request)
  • Utilities and Wi-Fi included
  • Price: 200 € per week*
    *= max. price. Discounts are possible – depending, e. g. on the period of the stay


The accommodation in a shared apartment is not only the most economical, but also the most popular with our course participants. In the "WG" you will meet interesting people. You will also gain true insight into the lifestyle and culture of the locals.

The stay in a shared apartment includes:

  • Single room (double room upon request)
  • Shared use of the kitchen and bathroom (with a washing machine), a balcony and/or garden to some extent
  • Self-catering
  • Utilities and Wi-Fi included
  • Price: 150 € per week*
    *= max. price. Discounts are possible – depending, e. g. on the period of the stay

Please note: A shared apartment is only bookable from the age of 18.

There are numerous hotels, hostels and B & Bs to choose from in Dresden’s Neustadt district and in other Dresden districts. You can book your dream accommodation directly over the internet. Our Accommodation Navigator will help you and if you have any questions, we can also help you with the booking.

If your desired accommodation is not immediately available on the desired date, it is advisable to "bridge" a few days in a hostel or B & B – and then move on to the next free flat share or host family.  Here you can find a selection.

Accommodation Navigator


Would you prefer to live on your own or together with your partner or family? Then we would recommend booking a private apartment.

These are – depending on furnishings and location – available in different price categories. As a standard, the apartment has a living room and bedroom, kitchen / kitchenette, bathroom, TV and Wi-Fi.

Price: from 200 € per week

Tip:  Let us know if you have special wishes for location, furnishings or extras.

Please note: Hotels, hostels, shared apartments & Co. are only bookable from the age of 18.

Please note:
All accommodations except host family are bookable only from the age of 18. With the written consent of your parents, host families can be booked if you are under 18 years old.


Good, and above all, reasonably priced accommodations are not easy to find, especially in the summer months. If we cannot provide you with a suitable apartment in the desired period, you do not have to give up your German course. Our Accommodation Navigator is designed to help you find useful links to apartment portals, shared apartments and hostels in Dresden.


Including Accommodation & more

... because we help you in the urban jungle: We find the right accommodation for you and help you with any questions, worries or uncertainties.


Most self-catering units have a well-equipped kitchen. And if you do not want to cook, there are plenty of cafés and bistros nearby where you can get something good to eat and drink at a reasonable price (8 € per meal on average). Our palate-spoiled colleagues will surely give you a couple culinary tips.

Our “spending money overview” has average prices for museums, restaurants, transport etc. You can find out how much pocket money you should plan for your stay in Dresden.



Our service starts on your arrival. Upon request and for a surcharge, we will pick you up from the airport or train station and bring you to the place you are staying.

Host Families and shared apartments wanted

For its international guest students, Kästner Kolleg is always looking for friendly host families to stay with and furnished rooms in shared apartments to rent. The stays are between 1 and 40 weeks, inside the city of Dresden, partly include meals (breakfast, half-board with the host family), with good payment, with liability insurance and cancellation option.